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How Can You Identify a Giclee Print?

September 10, 2019

More than ever before, artists are including reproductions as part of their offerings. A big part of this is to maximize the amount of money one can get out of a piece of art. There’s only one original, and once it’s sold, it’s gone. But prints allow thousands of people to purchase a piece of art if they want, at a lower price than they’d otherwise have to pay for the original. One specific kind of print that’s particularly popular at the moment is the giclee print. A giclee is a high-quality print created with the use of digital scanning... View Article

Can You See the Brush Strokes in Fine Art Reproductions?

August 27, 2019

The idea of reproducing art is not new at all—in fact, it has been done in various forms for centuries. There would be art schools at which students would learn how to paint like the master artists by attempting to copy masterworks. Reproductions have been used over history to create less-expensive versions of popular paintings that people can then display their own homes. This is of benefit because only one person or institution can own an original, but many people can own copies or reproductions. The dawn of the digital age has given us new, easier means than ever before... View Article

How to Never Lose a Copy of Your Artwork

July 26, 2019

In years past, artwork that would be damaged, burned or otherwise lost would have to be considered a complete loss. There’s no replacing many of the great masterworks that have been lost to the ages. Fortunately, today there are means of digitally reproducing artwork, so even if the original piece is lost or damaged, there will still be a digital record of it. While it’s not the same thing, it’s better than having nothing left of the piece at all. If you’re interested in getting a digital reproduction of artwork you either created or own, you’ll need to either scan... View Article

Why You Should Scan Your Artwork Instead of Photographing

July 12, 2019

Over the last couple decades, there have been a whole lot of technological advancements in the world of digital media that have resulted in scanners being not only less expensive than ever before, but also of much higher quality. If you’re an artist, digital scanning in Culver City, CA is the best way of digitally reproducing your work, especially compared to photographing it. Scanning is a simple process, and doesn’t require you to invest in additional equipment like special cameras, lenses and lighting. It’s a very accurate process that prevents the artwork reproduction from being affected by issues such as... View Article

Things to Know About Photo Restoration Services

June 13, 2019

Even the most carefully stored photographs are susceptible to damage. If you have older images that you’ve been storing for a significant amount of time, there’s a good chance that they’ve faded, discolored or even become virtually impossible to see. Thankfully, you can have your photographs restored with the help of a trusted art digitizer. Specialists that perform art scanning are capable of drawing details that may have faded out of images. Even if your photographs were lightly damaged in water- or fire-related incidents, there’s a good chance that a talented restoration expert can assist you with drawing out some... View Article

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