Art Reproduction Services
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ArtScans Studio, Inc. provides clients with truly tailored services, backed by custom, top of the line equipment. Our abilities in four-color reproduction through the direct digitization of large-scale pieces are unparalleled.

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Take a look at how we can help you capture, preserve, and reproduce your fine art, photographs, and other large-scale pieces.

Art Reproduction Services in the Los Angeles
  • Digital Scanning:

    Using a custom-made, large-format scanner of our own design, we’re able to achieve a superior quality image over traditional drum scanners. We scan in 256, 300 and 512dpi depending on the size and nature of your work, to ensure the integrity and depth of the piece are captured and for future reproduction purposes.

  • Fine Art Scanning:

    Our experience in fine art scanning in Los Angeles, CA, extends to a broad scope of oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, engravings, photographs, and just about anything else. Because we can accurately capture the color and texture of the medium we’re scanning, we’re at the forefront of the industry.

  • Fine Art Reproduction:

    Reproducing fine art is difficult for a number of reasons. We make it simple and retain the tremendous beauty of every unique piece in the high-caliber scans we take. From true four-color preservation to rich texture reproduction, even the smallest details are part of our art reproduction service.

  • Digital Printing:

    Not only do we offer printing with high fidelity colors, but we’re also able to communicate with your printer if needed, to determine the right inks, paper, and to more accurately reproduce your work.

  • Photo Restoration:

    We’ve done some truly amazing work in the field of photo restoration, breathing new life into old and undeveloped photos. Let us restore the beauty and sentimentality to your photos so you can reproduce and cherish them forever.

  • Archival:

    Archival copies of your scans are securely stored for your future needs and are used only with your permission. We keep a second copy off-site for security against natural disasters.

Art Reproduction Services in the Los Angeles - archival service

Service Capabilities

For questions or more information about our scope of abilities, please contact ArtScans Studio, Inc. today at 310-313-3000.

We’ll be glad to make arrangements with you regarding your scanning, printing and archival needs.

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